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Check out Nexus 5X Running Windows 10 Mobile!

Windows 10 Mobile on Android phone

Microsoft has not given up on their Windows 10 Mobile OS and it is continually proved by their new updates for the mobile OS every few weeks. With Microsoft stepping back on Lumia phones, finding new phones to check out Windows 10 Mobile can be tough especially since the affordable option, Lumia 650 is a really unimpressive piece of hardware. However, a new video posted on Youtube now shows the flagship Android phone, Nexus 5X running Windows 10 Mobile. Check out the video below.

It is not clear how the uploader was able to install Windows 10 Mobile on Nexus 5X and make it work. We suspect that he used the Windows 10 Mobile roms intended for Xiaomi phones and modified it to make them work on his Nexus 5X.

Given the current strategy of Microsoft with Lumia mobile division, it would make sense to think that Microsoft is planning on making Windows 10 Mobile compatible to work on Android phones. Such a strategy would be beneficial for Microsoft, the OEMs and the users.

What do you think about this new development in Windows 10 Mobile being able to run on an official Android phone? Let us know in the comments.

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