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4 Top Best Racing Games on Windows 10 Mobile / Windows Phone


Gaming is one of the most powerful features in Windows Phones. With XBox Live integration on most of the games in Windows Store, you can earn game achievements and save your progress no matter which Windows device that you are gaming on. In this post, we will show you the best top car racing games for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone devices. Read on to see our list of top best racing games on Windows and Lumia phones.

Check out our list of top 4 best racing games for Windows Phones. We used a low end Lumia 525 to review it's performance. If your phone has at least 1 GB RAM, you should be fine!

4. NFS: Hot Pursuit

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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit edition available for Windows Phone doesn't fail to impress with all the action and adrenaline rush they provide. In this game, you get to play as a cop or as a racer trying to escape from the cops. Which ever side you take on, both modes of game play gives you dozens of cool cars to choose as well as tactics like roadblocks and spike strips, EMP lock or overdrive, jamming, and oil slicks. With the XBox Live integration, you can get in leaderboards and gain achievements.

3. Asphalt 8: Airborne

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If you are all about stunts and actions in racing, you will love the Asphalt 8 Airborne. With more than 95 high performance cars and dozens of racing tracks, Asphalt 8 gives immersive racing experience in your palms. It comes with Xbox Live integration for leaderboards, multiplayer modes and ghost challenges. Some other features worth mentioning about Asphalt 8 are: 9 seasons & more than 300 events in Career mode, stunning visuals thanks to next-gen shaders, real-time geometry reflection, heart-thumping mix of amazing licensed music and lot more!

2. Real Racing 2

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Real Racing 2 gives a full blown PC like gaming experience on your phone. The graphics and physics in the game play is amazing. It comes with various gameplay modes like career, multiplayer, trial and quick race. After a game play, you can also view the replay. It is also integrated with XBox Live leaderboards and achievements.

1. GT Racing 2

best racing game for windowsbest racing game for windows phonebest racing game windows lumia

GT Racing 2 tops our list of best car racing game with its real world like game play physics like never before. The game features over 67 licensed cars on 13 tracks. There is also multiplayer game play mode to race against other racers online live and get high in leaderboards.

Which is your favourite racing game? Feel free to share with us in the comments.

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