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Top 5 Free Cricket Games For Windows Phone

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world and today we are in the middle of ICC Cricket World Cup Tournament 2015. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are guys are in the spirit of playing and talking about cricket all the time. Today we are sharing a special compilation post to keep up with the spirit of cricket. In this post, we will share with you the best cricket games for Windows Phone. Read more to check out the top best free cricket games for Windows Phone.
Searching through Windows Phone Store, you would stumble across dozens of cricket games. Since we focused on the best gaming experience, in this post we have narrowed it down to the top 5 free cricket games which we tested on a Nokia Lumia 525 phone.

Best Cricket Games For Windows Phone

Here's our top favorite cricket games on Windows Phone:

World Cricket Championship Lite

download cricket game windows

World Cricket Championship is not just a cricket game. Rather it is more of a social game. Instead of playing against the phone, in this game you play against the real people through internet. You can create a challenge another player in any of the three modes of gameplay: World Cricket Championship, World Premier League and Super Fantasy Cricket League. Win the challenges and score points to climb up the leaderboard.

The game features high quality graphics and commentary to make the game feel alive. Apart from that, there is also slow motion effects on massive sixes and action replay.

Overall, this game is one of the top quality game on Windows Phone Store and deserves 5 stars. Download the free game by clicking the link or scanning the qr code.

[appbox windowsphone 3f7c288d-c9d7-4861-ab67-d704bcfc662c]

Multiplayer Live Cricket

live multiplayer cricket gamemultiplayer cricket game windows phone

Multiplayer Live Cricket stands out from the rest of the cricket games available on Windows Phone Store because of it’s multiplayer feature. You can play a quick live match against other online players, make bet and earn money. The game features 5 game rooms with increasing amount of bets.

This game is similar to Stick Cricket. If you are looking for Stick Cricket on Windows Phone, this game is the best choice. Overall, this is a good game but there are areas for improvement like ability to increase overs and offline gameing option.

[appbox windowsphone 489e2e41-0888-4a2a-9fe4-b0cf0115da89]

ICC WC T20 2014

icc cricket 2015icc cricket 2015 windows windows

ICC WC T20 is another beautiful cricket game for Windows Phone. The game is based on 2014 T20 World Cup and it features players and teams of T20 WC 2014. The graphics, controls and gameplay of this game is pretty nice.The game has two modes: quick match and tournament and 3 levels of difficulty.

ICC WC T20 is recommended game for you if you are looking for full offline cricket game experince on your Windows Phone.

[appbox windowsphone 5134817b-7e57-42aa-9982-c2151d85f5ea]

Cricket Play 3D

3d cricket game windows

Cricket Play 3D is yet another cricket game for Windows Phone. What makes Cricket Play 3D different is the innovative shots like Helicopter Shot, Upper Cut, Scoop Shot etc. It features 3 modes of game play: quick match, T20 and 50–50 ODI.

The gameplay feels unbelievably fast and leaves room for improvement.

[appbox windowsphone 7cf7ac1f-7089-4d3a-87b5-737ffc536064]

Street Cricket

stick cricket windows phone

Street Cricket is based on the traditional cricket that we used to play in our childhood days on the streets. The gameplay is set on streets and between the buildings. The rules of scoring are modified to suite the street cricket.

If you want to play a different version of cricket and feel those nostalgic moments from your childhood, Street Cricket is a good game worth your time.

[appbox windowsphone 759a0657-50ec-4506-be8b-d387f8dbfc4c]

These are the top 5 best cricket games we liked out of the dozens of cricket games available on Windows Phone Store. We have tested these games on a Nokia Lumia 525 and it all worked fine. As the ICC World Cup 2015 progresses, these games will keep you entertained and keep your cricket spirits alive.

Which is your favorite game? Feel free to leave your suggestions and comments below. Also check out the top best racing games for windows phone.

Stay tuned!


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