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How To Use Proxy In Windows Phone

change ip address windows phone

Proxy is a technique used to hide the real ip address of a device connected to internet. This feature can be very useful in case you want to surf internet anonymously or visit websites that are region restricted. In Windows Phone also you can hide your real ip address and use public proxy address to protect or hide your identity from web servers. In this post, you will see how to use proxy and change the ip address on Windows Phone device.

In Windows Phone, you can connect to internet via two ways: by Wi-Fi network and by mobile internet. In both these cases, you have the freedom to change the ip address of your Windows Phone. Let me show the procedure to change ip address on Windows Phone and use proxy to browse internet anonymously.

For free internet proxy addresses, you can do a quick search on the internet using terms like “free internet proxy address” or “free us proxy address” etc.

Using Proxy on Wi-Fi network

To use proxy on a Wi Fi network, go to Settings >  Wi-Fi and tap on the wireless network that you are connected to. If you have the latest Windows Phone 8.1 update, simply swipe down from top for quick access to Wi-Fi settings. In the next window, you will see  toggle button to enable Proxy.

change ip address windows phone

Enable the Proxy and on the server / url field enter the proxy web address and port number on the next field.

Tap on the tick mark to save the settings and you are now ready to browse internet anonymously on Windows Phone!

Using Proxy on Mobile Internet

To use proxy on mobile internet connection, go to Settings > Access Point and long press over the active  mobile internet settings on you have. A small popup will shows options to view, edit, activate or delete the settings. Select edit from the option and you see will the following window.

change ip address windows phone

Scroll down for the Proxy address and Proxy port fields. Enter the details there and save the settings by tapping on the tick mark. You are now ready to surf internet anonymously on Windows Phone !

There are many advantages of using proxy on Windows Phone. For example, I have used this proxy technique to score bing rewards points outside US. To conclude, you don’t need to worry about country restriction on website, just go proxy!

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