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WiFi Direct On Windows Phone

wifi direct windows phone

WiFi direct is the latest technology in file sharing. Basically with WiFi direct feature, we can send files over WiFi with other devices. It is just like Bluetooth file sharing but with high data transfer rate of up to 5 MB/s.
WiFi direct is a popular feature in android phones. WiFi direct feature on Windows Phone is not yet officially mentioned. However, it is possible to use WiFi Direct on Windows Phone via WiFi file sharing feature which is already available on some apps. In this post, I will show you how to use WiFi Direct like feature on your Windows Phone.

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In WiFi Direct technology, what it basically does is to use the WiFi hotspot feature on the phone to create a ad-hoc network via which two devices can transfer files. To use WiFi direct in Wndows Phone, follow the below steps.

  1. Firstly you need to download an app which supports WiFi file transfer. For the relevancy of the context in this post, I recommend you to use the app Easy Transfer (free) or WiFi Sender (paid) which are available on Windows Phone Store.
  2. Now you need to enable WiFi hotspot feature on your phone ( or on the other phone ). To do this, go to Settings > Internet Sharing and enable it. However, because of Windows Phone OS restriction, it is not possible to enable hotspot feature without enabling the cellular data connection first. Go to Settings > Cellular + SIM and enable Data Connection. After enabling WiFi hotspot, you may turn off the data connection if you are worried of consuming your mobile data.
  3. Open the app Easy Transfer or any other app which supports HTTP file sharing or WiFi file transfer. Apps like MoliPlayer, File Manager by binbina and Pocket File Manager also has that feature. Note the url address shown on the app.
  4. Now connect the other device, Android or iOS or any other phone with the WiFi hotspot network created by your Lumia phone. The other phone may need to enter password before it can successfully connect.
    wifi direct windows phone
    Note down this address
  5. On the other device, open the web browser and go to the url address you noted.
  6. A web page will open up from where you can transfer files from and to your Windows Phone to the other device connected on the WiFi hotspot.
wifi direct windows phone

This WiFi file sharing ( aka WiFi Direct ) trick on Windows Phone is may not sound easy as the WiFi Direct apps for Android like SuperBeam but still it delivers the same performance of WiFi Direct feature on any other OS.

If you have a dollar to spend, I recommend you to go for WiFi Sender app because it has more simplistic UI and generates a qr code which makes it easier to receiver. But the problem with this app is it can only send files and not receive from other device.

While on the app Easy Transfer, with it’s file manager like UI, you can also send as well as receive files from other device using the upload feature.

Easy Transfer
WiFi Sender

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