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Check out Nexus 5X Running Windows 10 Mobile!

Windows 10 Mobile on Android phone

Microsoft has not given up on their Windows 10 Mobile OS and it is continually proved by their new updates for the mobile OS every few weeks. With Microsoft stepping back on Lumia phones, finding new phones to check out Windows 10 Mobile can be tough especially since the affordable option, Lumia 650 is a really unimpressive piece of hardware. However, a new video posted on Youtube now shows the flagship Android phone, Nexus 5X running Windows 10 Mobile. Check out the video below.

Earn Money Searching On Bing Rewards In India


Bing Rewards is a popular rewards program that rewards users with points when using Bing search engine. Bing Rewards program which was exclusive to US has now opened up in India as well. Check out how to use Bing Rewards in India here.

Supported Phones For Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade


Microsoft announced the official roll-out of Windows 10 Mobile upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 phones over the air. It was also noted that not every Windows Phone 8.1 devices will be getting official Windows 10 upgrade. Read more to see if oyur phone is eligible for Windows 10 upgrade.

Windows 10 Mobile Official Roll-out Begins


After over a year being in beta, Microsoft finally began official release of Windows 10 Mobile OS update over the air to select Windows Phone 8.1 devices. Unlike promised earlier, it seems only a few of the Windows Phone 8.1 devices ill get the official Windows 10 Mobile update.

Lekaed Render of Alcatel Idol Pro 4 Windows 10 Mobile


Alcatel is one among major OEM that has shown interest in Windows 10 Mobile OS. There have been rumours of a flagship Windows Phone from Alcatel and now popular leakster evleaks has revealed an official render of Alcatel Idol Pro 4 running Windows 10 Mobile.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Running Windows 10 Mobile Coming Soon!


Microsoft has been reportedly working with many third party OEMs to bring more Windows 10 Mobile phones to conquer the market. With the recent strategy shift from Microsoft in mobile business by cutting down on number of models of Lumia phones released, it is pretty obvious that we will be seeing more third party OEMs coming with Windows Mobile phones. In fact, it is already happening with Acer and HP revealing their flagship Windows 10 Mobile phones with Continuum support. A recently leaked image appeared on official Microosft forum in chinese social network shows promotional image of Xiaomi Mi 5 Windows 10 Mobile. Read more to see the leaked promotional image for Xiaomi Mi phone running Windows 10 Mobile OS.

Best Selfie Stick For Lumia Windows Phones

best seflie stick windows

Lumia phones comes with very powerful and amazing camera and is well known for them. It's not surprising that the 2 year old Nokia Lumia 1020 still beats the recently released Asus Zenfone Zoom with the quality of Lumia phones. If you want to take your perfect selfie, it's obvious that you should buy selfie stick. However, finding a selfie stick for Windows Phone and Lumia phones can be quite challenging since most of the selfie sticks only mention support for Android and iOS. In this post, you will see the best affordable selfie sticks for Lumia phone.

4 Top Best Racing Games on Windows 10 Mobile / Windows Phone


Gaming is one of the most powerful features in Windows Phones. With XBox Live integration on most of the games in Windows Store, you can earn game achievements and save your progress no matter which Windows device that you are gaming on. In this post, we will show you the best top car racing games for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone devices. Read on to see our list of top best racing games on Windows and Lumia phones.

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